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Hey there!

This was an adorable game, and I absolutely love how fluid all the animations fit together. I also did a let's play, and I'll definitely check out the other game on your page.

Thanks so much for sharing this! :D


Hey itsapiracle! First of all, Merry Christmas! I'm so glad that my game brought you joy this holiday season!

I enjoyed watching your let's play! Your reactions were great and made me laugh! If Ricardio is evil, I swear the lollipop isn't like him... or is she? Muhahaha!

I'm happy you liked my pixel art and animations (I don't think they were very good though). Right now, I'm trying to learn how to make a 3D game (it's way more complicated than I thought). It won't be a while until my next game and it's not totally fleshed out yet but worry not! I have a lot of hope for it!

Until then, see you next time! Merry Christmas! Enjoy the holiday!


Oh, man, best of luck learning modeling! It's always seemed very complicated to me, but I look forward to what you produce!!


Thanks!! :D


OMG I LOVE THIS GAME! :D Plz Plz Plz make more for it! :)

This is AMAZING! I'm so happy that you enjoyed the game, Moface! I also love the cover art in your video! Seriously impressive drawing and seeing someone have fun playing my game (AND MAKING ART TOO???) is an AMAZING feeling. When I made this game, it was only to take part in a game jam, I never thought about making a big game or series out of it. I don't want to make any promises but I hope one day I can get my game making skills good enough (cough cough) to make something worthwhile. Whether it's to make a possible sequel to Stickypop or to make something new (and cute), I don't know for now but I know it will be something truly wonderful.
Once again, Moface, thank you!